Research projects about mobility at the Europa University Viadrina in Frankfurt/Oder

The European-University Viadrina is a special University because of its History in Germany. It is its position in the polish-German border region, that influenced this speciality. In the seminar “Mobilität der EU Bürger- Eine Wachstumschance für Europa?“ (Mobility of EU citizens - A growth chance for Europe?) given by Dr. Kamilla Schöll-Mazurek, the pros and... Continue Reading →

Podcast: Interview about Homelessness in Berlin with politician Alexander Fischer

We talked with Alexander Fischer, Secretary for Labour and Social in Berlin, (Left Party / Die Linke) about homelessness in Berlin. We talked with the politician about the current situation of homeless people in the German capital: the structural problems homeless people are facing, the plans of the Senate for improving the situation and the... Continue Reading →

Video: EU-Mobility in Organizations

Julia and Iza are polish students studying in Germany. Their experience acquired abroad made them to contribute their powers in an international organization. Two of the most famous volunteer organizations are presented by them in here. Doing so they talk about their tasks as active members and what they do for mobility and international exchange.... Continue Reading →

Video: Mental Conditions of Work Migrants

Does migration make sick? This video shows the link between migration and mental health. It offers a current scientific research about the topic and shows the differences between the situation of the first and second migratory generation in Germany. The video concludes with various suggestions for improvement of health conditions of migrants, such as care... Continue Reading →

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