Who has Something to Say? – Lessons from the Turkish Community in Germany.

Among other interlocutors, the project-seminar Mobility of EU Citizens – an Opportunity of Growth? had met Kenan Kolat, the ex-federal chairperson of the Turkish Community in Germany (TGD), during their field trip to Mehringdamm, Berlin. At the beginning of the conversation, Kenan Kolat described the historical development of the TGD. It was founded in the... Continue Reading →

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A Europe of different speeds

On 1 March 2017, the European Commission presented the White Paper on the Future of Europe, which offers five scenarios for the Union's evolution, depending on the path we will take. The scenarios are entitled “Carrying on”, “Nothing but the single market”, “Those who want more, do more”, “Doing less, more efficiently”, and “Doing much more together”.... Continue Reading →

Kreuzberg’s neighbourhood-mothers

The neighbourhood-mothers (germ. Stadtteilmütter) in Kreuzberg are a project supported by the Diakonisches Werk Berlin. The project is part of the intercultural family centre “tam” and is aimed to improve educational opportunities for children of migrant families. We spoke to Songül Süsem-Kessel who is in charge of coordinating the project about what it’s like to... Continue Reading →

#keinewahl – Discussion on voting rights in Germany

The German WDR (Westdeutscher Rundfunk) broadcasted a discussion on the not existing voting rights of non-German citizens in Germany. The discussion #keineWAHL was organized by MONITOR, COSMOS and WDRforyou. Persons concerned and other experts had the opportunity to talk about political participation. The discussion is well documented on the website of the WDR. Have a... Continue Reading →

Europe. A New Beginning?

There are not many formal, economic and intellectual reasons why Great Britain (and other states) should feel better outside the European Union. However, there are many emotional reasons, and not only from people who do not understand the EU. In Germany, there is a strong feeling that Europe is not taking its citizens seriously and... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Erasmus

"I am a citizen of the world, my homeland is everywhere, or rather I am a foreigner everywhere." Erasmus von Rotterdam around half a century ago. The European community action scheme for the mobility of university students, also known as Erasmus, enables mostly young people, students, to gain the experience of living and studying abroad.... Continue Reading →

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