Research projects about mobility at the Europa University Viadrina in Frankfurt/Oder

The European-University Viadrina is a special University because of its History in Germany. It is its position in the polish-German border region, that influenced this speciality. In the seminar “Mobilität der EU Bürger- Eine Wachstumschance für Europa?“ (Mobility of EU citizens - A growth chance for Europe?) given by Dr. Kamilla Schöll-Mazurek, the pros and... Continue Reading →

Podcast: Interview about Homelessness in Berlin with politician Alexander Fischer

We talked with Alexander Fischer, Secretary for Labour and Social in Berlin, (Left Party / Die Linke) about homelessness in Berlin. We talked with the politician about the current situation of homeless people in the German capital: the structural problems homeless people are facing, the plans of the Senate for improving the situation and the... Continue Reading →

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