A Community of Nationalists

In 2014 the UNHCR reported up to 100 million displaced people, who have worldwide fled from conflict within or outside of their countries borders. Especially refugees from the crisis region in the Middle East, above all Syria, have made their way to Europe. In doing so they had to cross several former Soviet states along... Continue Reading →


Lawyer Artur Schulz – insights into legal implications of EU mobility

In our Master Course "Mobility of EU citizens", we welcomed a guest speaker, who offered an input about legal implications of EU mobility from his daily working practice. The lawyer Artur Schulz – alumni of the European University Viadrina - Frankfurt (Oder) and member of the Polish Social Council – is specialized in labour and... Continue Reading →

Education: The integration tool

  Education helps to create acceptance and is the basis of getting a place in society. Therefore it is important to give refugees the chance of higher education. But the current situation in Germany shows: Quite often refugees don’t get the chance to study due to missing financial resources and the lack of language skills.... Continue Reading →

Recognition of professional qualifications

Already in its very beginnings, the European Community defined in their joint treaty the right for citizens of the member states to pursue their profession in any other member state. However, each state might have different requirements linked to certain professional profiles which demands a higher effort and thus makes mobility more complicated. But the... Continue Reading →

Policy Mode: Crisis

In November 2017 the heads of the member states of of the European Union came together to establish a European pillar of social rights – more than 50 years after the founding of the first EU body. By using the term “pillar” they try to refer to the basic pillar structure of the EU in... Continue Reading →

Studying abroad – The chance of your life

In 2016 the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD supported 44.709 students with his EU-Mobility Program Erasmus and over two million since its founding. The DAAD homepage states, that students can choose from more than 200 scholarship programs. But why is it so tempting for students to study abroad? A common argument for studying abroad is... Continue Reading →

Posted Workers – Labour Mobility Initiative

Since there are approximately one million posted workers in Europe and 23% of them are Poles (European Commission’s data), it is almost self-evident that this fact has important consequences for the economy and at the same time this topic is very important for Polish employers, workers, scholars and public administration. This emerged the need for... Continue Reading →

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